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Experience, Complementarity, Flexibility, Competence and Confidence have meaning in our team; And it is with our team, in its work togheter and in its mission to create value for the shareholders that our skills are grounded.

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Solar Wind Hydro


Development and operation of renewable energy assets

Infraventus Group operates in the renewable energy sector. Founded in the end of 2008, the Group has a management team and a group of employees with a vast experience gained over 20 years of activity in this sector.

Infraventus Group is ready to awnser business development in the renewable energy sector from prospection, passing through licensing, financing and construction until the operation and management of the infrastructures.

Nowadays the Group has a team of team of 42 employees in Portugal and more than 6 abroad. Beyond the offices in Portugal in Lisbon and Oporto the Group has offices in Spain, in Finland and in Panama.

The Group, together with its co-investors, own or manage a portfolio of 33 MW of operating renewable energy projects developed by the Group (solar 31 MW and hydropower 2 MW) in the Iberian Peninsula, and are developing circa 155 MW in new projects, mainly solar. The Group also has in operation for third-parties 123 MW in wind.